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Telekommunikation - Nachrichten- und Datentechnik - Internetservices - Network

COMPRO-TEL.NET, breu.ws and datamobile.ws is COMPRO© Computerprogramme's telecommunication branch. COMPRO© Computerprogramme has been offering its services in communication engineering and data systems technology since 1981.

Our core competence is voice communication with options for Preselect, Least Coast Routing, VoiceLine, Centrex and BillSelect (cost centre analysis; separate billing of branch offices, subsidiary companies, home offices etc).

In addition to telephony, we provide Internet access via our own DSL backbone; among other things we offer solutions for high speed Internet access, virtual private networks (VPN), high-end data centres, and domain management. This includes web space hosting; E-Mail solutions; E-Commerce; IT security; mail scanning; online backup; online DMS document management systems; Egroup hosting; ManagedExchange; Outlook Web Access; Outloook for Windows, Apple (Entourage) and other mobile devices. In order to enhance network reliability, we monitor all DSL lines and, on customer request, additional machines like mail servers and other servers, UPS systems, or manufacturing systems.

With our new sector datamobile.ws, we are able to provide custom machine-to-machine (m2m) solutions for a variety of areas, for example tracking of containers, lorries, and construction vehicles; smart metering; counting solutions; monitoring and operation of mobile cash registers; and generally all automated data exchange between devices, machines and servers. We enable customers to manually steer operating procedures and production processes at any time.

Our rates are exceptionally low. Billing is done in 1KB units via a secure VPN connection (dataguard) and there is no minimum turnover.

To further enhance m2m communication solutions, we offer an exclusive national roaming service. It allows for several network carriers on one SIM card, depending on country; currently in Germany up to four network carriers, in Switzerland three, in Denmark two. National roaming thus provides our customers with economic solutions to monitor and manage all their systems, vehicles, machines etc and the respective SIM cards.

In short: intuitive, flexible, transparent and cost-saving.